Meaning of leisurely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɛʒəli/

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  • Acting or done at leisure; unhurried or relaxed.

    ‘a leisurely breakfast at our hotel’
    • ‘It can take off from a relatively small runway and cruise at the leisurely pace of a car.’
    • ‘The walk is taken at a leisurely pace and is a very pleasant way to spend a summer's evening.’
    • ‘It is recommended that you plan a minimum of three weeks to see both islands at a leisurely pace.’
    • ‘Soon lines of houses bordered the roads and Kyle slowed to a swift, but leisurely pace.’
    • ‘I don't go to bed early enough and therefore struggle to get up in time to get ready at a leisurely pace.’
    • ‘I am now discovering the merits of a leisurely breakfast for the first time ever.’
    • ‘As an example of his leisurely pace, he offered up the story of how he came to write The Phantom Queen.’
    • ‘She took her shower at a leisurely pace, making sure that every inch of dirt had been cleaned off of her body.’
    • ‘I like to take my lunch at a leisurely pace, as it is my main meal of the day.’
    • ‘That leisurely pace is what makes a balloon ride such a satisfying experience.’
    • ‘We took the walk at a leisurely pace and spent about four and a half hours.’
    • ‘It's not done at such a leisurely pace now that the temperatures have dropped.’
    • ‘This walk will take approximately two hours to complete at a leisurely pace.’
    • ‘Staff at the Carlow stations were also working away at a leisurely pace.’
    • ‘I'll be reading the next two volumes, but at a more leisurely pace.’
    • ‘It was early as I sat down to a leisurely breakfast on Grand Comore.’
    • ‘Rather than going at my usual leisurely pace, I practically ran up to the lunchroom, meeting Jess along the way.’
    • ‘They kept a leisurely pace on the walk up to the restaurant, admiring the scenery as they went.’
    • ‘The telephone rang as Astor was completing a leisurely breakfast at nine-thirty.’
    • ‘They walked at a leisurely pace through the rest of the battlefield and into a wild forest.’
    unhurried, relaxed, unrushed, easy, easy-going, gentle, sedate, comfortable, restful, effortless, undemanding, slow, lazy, lackadaisical, languid, languorous, lingering
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  • Without hurry.

    ‘couples strolled leisurely along’
    • ‘Some cognac with a nutty finish may be leisurely consumed at her Watergate apartment.’
    • ‘I must wake up early every day to exercise and read the newspapers leisurely.’
    • ‘It's more like a nice cup of tea - to be enjoyed leisurely and with a degree of reflection.’
    • ‘You get twice as much done, drink much better coffee, lunch leisurely and can smoke as much as you want.’
    • ‘Yet, as Bolger leisurely sets the stage for the coming conflict, the story comes alive.’
    • ‘I ate my lunch leisurely with my feet up on the sofa in front of the lunchtime news.’
    • ‘He cheered along with the rest of the crowd and put on his batting helmet as Eric leisurely made his way across home plate.’
    • ‘He glanced back to see Bob leisurely gaining on him as he lined up his next shot.’
    unhurriedly, without hurrying, at a leisurely pace, at a slow pace, leisurely, steadily, taking one's time, in one's own good time
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