Meaning of lemonade in English:


Pronunciation /lɛməˈneɪd/

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mass noun
  • 1A drink made from lemon juice and water sweetened with sugar.

    ‘a jug of lemonade’
    • ‘the butler served her a lemonade’
    • ‘They both got their lemonades and were done laughing when Kylie and Belle returned.’
    • ‘Lloyd eyes the 15 acres of hay adjacent to where we're sitting with our iced teas and lemonades.’
    • ‘If it mysteriously appears anytime soon, she can still come hang out here and drink vodka and lemonades with me.’
    • ‘To drink, there's fresh papaya juice, lemonade and Malta Corona that tastes like Ovaltine soda.’
    • ‘He clunked the lemonades on the coffee table, sat down next to her.’
    • ‘Non-drinkers are well catered for as well with freshly squeezed orange juice, still lemonade and original ginger beer.’
    • ‘After a while, a waiter took their drinks order: three lemonades, one orange-and-lemonade, a coke and a bottle of Sol.’
    • ‘Waters, juices and lemonades are commanding between $2 and $5 on many menus.’
    • ‘Laram and I miss the joke and take our lemonades.’
    • ‘This lemonade can be made well in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to three days before serving.’
    • ‘Some days it will be hot and sunny and on those days, you will want to make plenty of lemonade to sell.’
    • ‘Aisha went about fixing a tray laden with a jug of lemonade and plates of cookies.’
    • ‘The juice is versatile enough to use in marinades, lemonade or as a homemade grenadine syrup for drinks.’
    • ‘She wasn't a big alcoholic like Cory or Kenneth, so she served lemonade for herself.’
    • ‘I love the flavor of mint, and using it to enhance drinks like lemonade and cocoa is especially refreshing.’
    • ‘She was tempted to have lemonade, but lemonade reminded her of Maralynne.’
    • ‘The drink menu said it had pink lemonade, vodka, and grenadine, but I have no idea how many parts of each to use.’
    • ‘For an elegant touch, use them as ice cubes in lemonade, iced tea and mixed drinks.’
    • ‘Iced tea, also a staple on beverage menus, has gone the way of lemonade.’
    • ‘One day I was sitting outside drinking lemonade and I wanted to go swimming with my kids, but I had to go to work.’
    1. 1.1British A sweet colourless carbonated drink containing lemon flavouring.
      • ‘More than 10 million litres of colas, lemonades and fruit drinks are consumed in the UK every week.’


Mid 17th century from French limonade, from limon ‘lemon’.