Meaning of lending library in English:

lending library


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  • A public library from which books may be borrowed and taken away for a short time.

    ‘We can only hope this includes restocking the lending library with lots of new books.’
    • ‘In 1860 a lending library was begun and in 1966 the biggest book club operation in Britain began.’
    • ‘Despite being a little costlier than using the conventional libraries, the lending libraries are prospering.’
    • ‘By joining your local lending library, you can borrow several books at a time without charge, unless you return them late and get fined.’
    • ‘They could, however, afford to pay a fee to a lending library.’
    • ‘The ground floor is the lending library with a self-service cafe, and separate reading areas for children and teenagers.’
    • ‘Canon Draper said the lending library would be closed to make savings, but the conservation studio and archives would remain open.’
    • ‘The children's library has returned to the corner of the lending library from which it was removed as out-of-date in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Music books are now with other non-fiction subjects in the lending library, and music reference books are now in the Reference Library.’
    • ‘The Reference library is, as the name suggests, not a lending library but made up of archives, periodicals and other research materials.’
    • ‘Jack Spade opened a lending library in his store.’
    • ‘The public lending library is located in the principal basement, with all deliveries one level beneath, while major book storage is off-site.’
    • ‘An adjoining glassed-in conference room serves as a second facility, doubling as both a classroom and a lending library.’
    • ‘Why don't we create a foundation to be a lending library for museums?’
    • ‘The horizontal block consists of a large double-height space housing the main lending library.’
    • ‘Inside, it boasted a lending library as well as a newspaper room.’
    • ‘In addition to being a lending library it is today a repository for hundreds of historical photographs.’
    • ‘Founded by Henry King Lewis in 1844, it was also a lending library.’
    • ‘They created lending libraries, bands, choirs, self-education study groups, and drama groups.’
    • ‘At that time the library consisted of four main departments - lending library, reading room, patents library and small students room.’