Meaning of leopard cat in English:

leopard cat


  • A small East Asian wild cat that has a yellowish-brown coat with black spots and often lives near water.

    Felis bengalensis, family Felidae

    ‘The Asian leopard cat lineage consisted of the Asian leopard cat, flat-headed cat, fishing cat, and rusty-spotted cat.’
    • ‘Rangers said afterwards they believed the animal was a leopard cat, barking deer, wild pig or a stray cow - all indigenous animals in Hong Kong's rural areas, the South China Morning Post reported.’
    • ‘Mill, whose surname was Sugden at the time, bought an Asian leopard cat in 1963 when they could still be acquired at some pet shops.’
    • ‘Although the leopard cat is distributed widely in south and east Asia, in the Japanese islands the Tsushima leopard cat occurs only on the Tsushima Islands.’
    • ‘Japan's Iriomote cat was recently demoted from a distinct species to an island subspecies of leopard cat.’
    • ‘In Sabah the predators include various birds of prey and small felines, such as marbled cats and leopard cats.’