Meaning of leopard seal in English:

leopard seal


  • A large grey Antarctic seal that has dark spots on the throat and preys on penguins and other seals.

    Hydrurga leptonyx, family Phocidae

    ‘To catch penguins, a leopard seal will lurk near the water's edge just under the surface to watch shadows on the ice above.’
    • ‘Experts think the leopard seal mistook marine biologist Kirsty Brown for another seal and dragged her down beneath the icy waters.’
    • ‘Although they are formidable hunters, leopard seals are solitary creatures and it is virtually unknown for them to attack humans.’
    • ‘Next year Williams and Winstanley plan to travel to Antarctica, where they will dive under the ice to paint leopard seals attacking penguins.’
    • ‘A group of women, who appeared to have been drinking, were seen beating the leopard seal with sticks of driftwood on the Gisborne beach on Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘Taronga is noted for its stand-out collection of Australian fauna and for its work on breeding Sumatran tigers and research on Antarctic leopard seals.’
    • ‘They do it, apparently, to steer clear of their coastline predators - leopard seals, killer whales and some species of gull - and so they can find thicker ice that won't melt during the summer.’
    • ‘Tracey Rogers of the Australian Marine Mammal Research Centre at Sydney's Taronga Zoo is the only biologist in the world committed to a long-term study of the leopard seal, the stealthy and skilled marine predator of the Antarctic.’
    • ‘In his written account of the encounter, he recalled, ‘Suddenly, the surface erupted as the massive head and shoulders of a mature leopard seal, mouth gaping in expectation, crashed through the eggshell covering.’’
    • ‘Impressive hunters, hungry leopard seals may burst through a spot of soft ice near a baby penguin rookery, in an attempt to grasp a penguin walking above.’
    • ‘Residents of Maria Island, off Tasmania's east coast, say a leopard seal that has come ashore appears to have been wounded in a fight.’
    • ‘We can see how the leopard seals have adapted to changes in the past century, and that will allow us to predict how they will cope with changes in the future.’
    • ‘This was the first recorded episode of a leopard seal killing a human.’
    • ‘Like most other seals, leopard seals are insulated from frigid waters by a thick layer of fat known as blubber.’
    • ‘Of all the seals in the world, only one, the leopard seal, has the reputation of a true hunter, a top predator.’
    • ‘Not much else is known about the young leopard seals, because very few have ever been seen.’
    • ‘The leopard seal propels itself by moving its tail side to side, and it steers with its long front flippers.’
    • ‘Female leopard seals are actually larger than males and can reach 600 kg and 3.6 m in length.’
    • ‘Although leopard seals have a ferocious reputation, they do not attack humans, unless provoked.’
    • ‘The female leopard seal is pregnant for nine months, and gives birth between November and January.’