Meaning of less is more in English:

less is more


  • Used to express the view that a minimalist approach to artistic or aesthetic matters is more effective.

    ‘Well I think in many cases less is more.’
    • ‘You could sum the site up by saying less is more.’
    • ‘Remember you can still look sexy without revealing all your goods; less is more!’
    • ‘Concerned with characters more than special effects, Fawcett has succeeded in creating a film where less is more.’
    • ‘Less is more for some of your favorite stars.’
    • ‘My idea of sexy is that less is more.’
    • ‘One of the lessons for the market is " less is more ".’
    • ‘Indeed, the majority of the evidence still suggests that in the care of patients with low back pain, less is more.’
    • ‘This is arguably a case where less is more.’
    • ‘The structure is exposed to demonstrate that less is more.’