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informal British
  • An opportunity to escape from or avoid a difficult situation.

    • ‘the country won a let-out for its factories to continue burning dirty brown coal’
    • ‘The only let-out seems to be that emergency treatment cannot be refused.’
    • ‘There are no ‘let-outs’ here, no ‘emergency rations’ or vitamin supplements off-camera.’
    • ‘It might, perhaps, have been useful to say rather more about the importance of giving software purchasers a let-out should they decide not to accept the terms of the licence.’
    • ‘There is also the fact that these matters fall largely within the jurisdiction of the states which could add complications or at least provide a handy let-out.’
    • ‘Now there is a let-out for this argument in the case of the wormhole time machine.’
    means of avoidance, means of evasion, means of escape, escape clause, escape route