Meaning of let alone in English:

let alone

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  • Used to indicate that something is far less likely or suitable than something else already mentioned.

    ‘he was incapable of leading a bowling team, let alone a country’
    • ‘I don't want to share the same room with her and the hounds, let alone a mortgage.’
    • ‘Who on earth would be prepared, let alone equipped to take on such a challenge?’
    • ‘At the time he had no idea how to start a business, let alone find the financial backing to realise his dream.’
    • ‘After a long search he came to the conclusion that he cannot afford to rent a home in Epsom, let alone buy one.’
    • ‘There was a chance that he might not be able to breathe for himself or swallow, let alone walk or talk again.’
    • ‘There is barely enough demand in Scotland to keep one film studio in business, let alone two.’
    • ‘It gets so crowded here in high summer that there's often no room to sit down, let alone lay out a towel.’
    • ‘He has the unenviable task of promoting a product that few want to think about, let alone buy.’
    • ‘He is suffering from a ghastly disease for which there is no treatment, let alone a cure.’
    • ‘In Scotland we can have a range of weather conditions in one hour, let alone one day.’