Meaning of let down in English:

let down

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phrasal verb

  • 1let someone down, let down someoneFail to support or help someone as they had hoped or expected.

    ‘if I let him down now, I knew he'd never trust me again’
    • ‘Is someone letting you down or failing to get a job done on time?’
    • ‘Ken had been her best friend and she'd let him down.’
    • ‘Girlfriends support you when the man in your life lets you down.’
    • ‘I had a daughter to support, and I couldn't let her down.’
    • ‘I will not fail you, I will not disappoint you and I will not let you down.’
    • ‘We feel frustrated and completely let down by this Government, and that is why we are planning this rally.’
    • ‘From a personal standpoint, I wouldn't mind down-sizing, but I worry about the vendors, the clients, and especially the employees I'd be letting down.’
    • ‘Half of 14-year-olds can't write or add up properly and the schools inspectorate said failing schools were letting down children of the poor.’
    • ‘She did absolutely nothing to assist me and failed to keep appointments, letting down the local community.’
    • ‘Any lecturer whose courses fail to attract adequate numbers of students is made to feel not only that he is in some way deficient but also that he is letting down his colleagues.’
    fail, fail to support, fall short of expectation
    1. 1.1let someone or something down, let down someone or somethingBritish Have a harmful effect on the overall quality or success of someone or something.
      ‘the whole machine is let down by the tacky keyboard’
      • ‘The north west has a wonderful range of historic buildings, but so often they are let down by the poor quality of the public spaces around them.’
      • ‘However, smaller airports were let down by the quality of their facilities, such as shops and food outlets.’
      • ‘The sound quality let them down massively, but they still managed to do well at warming up the audience.’
      • ‘A bit young and reckless, his positional play and defensive qualities occasionally let him down at the very top level.’
      • ‘But what really lets this collection down is not the quality of the songs - everything about their tunes is well considered and slickly executed - but the production.’
      • ‘The quality of the competition apart, what let things down was the abysmal and partisan television coverage.’
      • ‘An excellent cast is let down by an uninspired script and a collection of unimpressive bad guys.’
      • ‘The vegetable samosas were pronounced okay, with a greasy exterior letting down the contents.’
      • ‘We've been working on the areas that have been letting us down and I'm hoping that as the weeks go by we get better and better.’
      • ‘It was a disappointing finish and we were let down by lapses in concentration’
  • 2let something down, let down somethingLower something slowly.

    ‘they let down a basket on a chain’
    • ‘I tied one end of the cord to the basket and let the basket down slowly to Mr. Webster's level.’
    • ‘After everything settled down, I slowly let my arm down.’
    • ‘The man let his hand down slowly, still looking at the woman.’
    • ‘You have to let the rig down very slowly.’
    • ‘Everyone who had a weapon slowly let it down.’
    • ‘He was busy with the ropes, letting down just two yards of sail from the spar attached to the top of the mast.’
    • ‘The sides of my hut can be let down on a pulley, so I can watch the sun go down through the trees from the comfort of my hammock chair.’
    • ‘As soon as the nets were let down, a bottle flew onto the outfield - right opposite the nets, out of the expensive seats.’
  • 3let something down, let down somethingMake a garment longer by lowering the hem.

    ‘I put on a skirt that Sylvie had let down for me’
    • ‘I do not own a pair of trousers that I have not had to let the hem down on.’
    • ‘I bought a used dress and I need to let the skirt down about an inch.’
    • ‘When you let the hem down, the nice bright unfaded material now exposed tends to show up just how faded the rest of the garment has become.’
    lengthen, make longer
  • 4let something down, let down somethingBritish Deflate a tyre.

    ‘the driver was still in the cab, so I couldn't let the tyres down’
    • ‘She told the court her car tyres had been let down on the day she found the note.’
    • ‘The van was well and truly stuck, and even tried and tested methods of removal including letting the tyres down failed.’
    • ‘I could let their tyres down and spray paint their vehicles with anarchist slogans.’
    • ‘We even tried to let the tyres down, but they were foam-filled.’
    • ‘Mindless vandals covered his beloved car with eggs and flour and let the tyres down.’
    • ‘He let the tyres down on my bike.’
    • ‘Not a single one of the tens of thousands of drunks that swarm round the station at night had even bothered to let the tyres down.’
    • ‘They let the tyres down on one resident's invalid trike, and turned on the lights to drain the battery.’
    • ‘Someone should sneak into the garage and let his tyres down.’
    • ‘They are going around letting down the tyres of four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
  • 5(of an aircraft) descend prior to landing.

    ‘over the harbour, I started to let down’
    • ‘Within the hour, we were letting down for a landing at Casablanca on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I was letting down over the Adriatic heading southward.’