Meaning of let it be known in English:

let it be known


  • Ensure that people are informed about something, especially via a third party.

    with clause ‘the Minister let it be known that he was not seeking reappointment’
    • ‘Once the manufacturer gets the results, it can choose whether to make the information known to the public.’
    • ‘Ireland has operated a voluntary reporting system since 1985, but there is no statutory requirement on doctors to make cases known to public health authorities.’
    • ‘Anyone with information about any violent attacks or murders should make it known to the Police immediately.’
    • ‘He said growers were passionate about the issue, and would make their feelings known through the ballot box.’
    • ‘Objectors have two months to make their views known before the proposals go before the executive board in July for ratification.’
    • ‘It is essential that any persons with any medical and/or related dietary requirements make them known to us well before departure.’
    • ‘An advanced directive is a legal document detailing your wishes in the event you are unable to make them known yourself.’
    • ‘Smith let it be known that he would resign as Labour leader unless he got the support of conference for his motion.’
    • ‘Early last week, the board of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra let it be known that Alsop was to be the next music director.’
    • ‘He let it be known that he would address the workers' concerns, and on that basis the union officials called off the strike.’
    disclose, reveal, divulge, tell, impart, communicate, pass on, vouchsafe, unfold