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let on

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phrasal verb

  • 1Reveal information.

    • ‘she knows a lot more than she lets on’
    • ‘I felt like he had more information then he was letting on.’
    • ‘I answered simply, without letting on a lot of information.’
    • ‘Something wasn't right here and she knew Noah held more information than he was letting on.’
    • ‘Though they talked back and forth about many subjects, neither of them really let on any information about themselves.’
    • ‘So you've let it slip that you know more about me than you originally let on.’
    • ‘All this was having a bigger affect on him than he was letting on because he tightened his grip on me; desperately searching for the comfort he was deprived of all those years ago.’
    • ‘She said it in the tone of that made me believe that she knew a lot more than she was letting on.’
    • ‘The note had obviously affected him more than he let on.’
    • ‘She was more affected by her break up with Logan than she let on.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I will be demanding to know whether the school knows more about gang problems than it is letting on to the governors.’’
    • ‘I don't think they realised it was as dangerous, but they knew a whole lot more about it than they were letting on.’
    • ‘If the reporter knew this, he wasn't letting on.’
    • ‘They believe there's more to the young man's death than police are letting on.’
    • ‘I just have the feeling they know so much more than they're letting on.’
    reveal, make known, tell, disclose, mention, divulge, let out, let slip, give away, leak, proclaim, blurt out, expose, bring to light, uncover, make public
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  • 2Pretend.

    • ‘they all let on they didn't hear me’
    • ‘Now he's letting on he finds them bewildering, and he's supposed to be Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism!’
    • ‘Serious things have happened and it's no good people letting on that they didn't.’
    • ‘I once liked Rosie, but she let on she was a different person then.’
    • ‘They would rig up all sorts of stuff in his room and make noises behind his bed and he would be lying there terrified while they all let on they were asleep.’
    pretend, feign, affect, make out, make believe, simulate, fake
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