Meaning of let rip in English:

let rip


  • 1 informal Do something vigorously or without restraint.

    • ‘the brass sections let rip with sheer gusto’
    • ‘Bank of England independence and the introduction of fiscal rules after 1997 told the markets that Labour would not allow inflation to let rip, and would exercise fiscal discipline.’
    • ‘The giant grunted, his slow brain deciding when he would let rip and smother Glaucus in a deadly embrace.’
    • ‘It is said that the losers during the last days of a battle often let rip in appallingly brutal ways.’
    • ‘So who can blame him for letting rip last week, after his chances of being Britain's remaining hope at the first Grand Slam of 2006, the Australian Open, crumbled before his eyes.’
    • ‘It is simply a montage of digital portraits of the students which had been transferred onto computer, with the young film-makers then letting rip and having fun.’
    • ‘He gambolled away on the left before letting rip from over 25 metres, his punishing volley zipping into the net.’
    1. 1.1Express oneself vehemently or angrily.
      ‘Charlie felt he had suffered enough insults and suddenly let rip’
      • ‘And as he was lyin' there, half dozin' and thinkin' about things, he suddenly let rip a big stale Guinness fart that rumpled the bedclothes.’
      • ‘It suddenly slowed up, crackled with blue electricity and let rip with a sizzling blue column of energy, followed by the plasma being dumped from the engine, completely frying the ship's shields.’
      • ‘Now he is letting rip on drugs, Labour, his new record company and the race for London mayor.’
      • ‘Rather than letting rip in the locker-room afterwards, he stepped back.’
      • ‘She is at her funniest when letting rip about all that is sexist and sizeist.’
      • ‘He is sensitive, gentle and polite, which makes it all the more dramatic when he lets rip, as he often does, with a verbal flourish, about some injustice or object of his scorn.’