Meaning of let something ride in English:

let something ride


  • Take no immediate action over something.

    ‘as far as I can find out, the police have let it ride for the moment’
    • ‘I felt proud of myself for letting it ride, but couldn't sleep anyway as it happens.’
    • ‘But I sometimes think that my ex and I managed to communicate ourselves right out of the relationship, so now I'm trying to teach myself to let things ride and not to scrutinize every little comment or gesture.’
    • ‘But as long as there's no damage to the car or any passenger, I let things ride.’
    • ‘Mr Gittoes said he had decided to let the matter ride, but would prefer people see his film.’
    • ‘Of course, it would take a lot of my time to contact all these sites and media outlets to correct their errors and I think it's more important I spend my time on my next book or movie so I just let it ride.’
    • ‘Is P & G just letting the story ride so that all the networks come back and say, please, we'll take off 10 percent of the price, just please advertise with us?’
    • ‘Dean was not happy with the lie, but he was coaxed into letting it ride.’
    • ‘We let your losses ride because you had a rep out in Seattle for paying up and continuing to be a player.’
    • ‘Whatever you do, don't let things ride for too long.’
    • ‘We'd discussed the possibility of my leaving at the end of this journey, and had finally decided to let things ride for a while, and to see what happened.’
    deliberately ignore, not take into consideration, disregard, take no notice of, take no account of, accept, allow, make allowances for, let pass, turn a blind eye to, overlook, forget, wink at, blink at, connive at