Meaning of let something rip in English:

let something rip


  • 1informal Allow something, especially a vehicle, to go at full speed.

    • ‘we'll get on to the motorway and let her rip’
    • ‘If that RX has been sitting a long time, then those rotary seals will go out the first time you let it rip on the highway.’
    • ‘Drivers upset at being stuck in traffic let it rip when the road is clear.’
    1. 1.1Allow something to happen forcefully or without interference.
      • ‘once she started a tirade, it was best to let it rip’
      • ‘Both movies would have been better if maybe they had let it rip, instead of sticking to their "This is how it would have truly been" conceit.’
      • ‘He realized the joy of being able to come into a game and throw whatever you wanted as hard as you wanted, just let it rip and not fret too terribly much over pitch selection.’
      • ‘The cause of genuine competition has never been best served by just letting markets rip.’
      • ‘It was supposed to help Australian workers and industry adapt to globalisation, rather than simply letting the market rip.’
      • ‘Rather, Singer essentially introduces the characters and lets us in on their powers, then lets the action rip.’
      • ‘When writing a first draft, by all means let the story rip, so to speak.’
    2. 1.2Utter or express something forcefully and noisily.
      • ‘when I passed the exam I let rip a ‘yippee’’
      • ‘Only recently have I really understood this and also understood when it's good to let those emotions rip and when to hold back and keep things balanced.’
      • ‘I remember it like yesterday: getting up there, taking a deep breath like I do now, and just letting it rip.’
      • ‘Once he has walked through a bulkhead door leading out of the landing bay, Halkari lets his anger rip.’
      • ‘One activity is the milkshake laugh, which involves vigorously shaking a milkshake and then letting rip a roaring laugh once the imaginary drink is finished.’
      • ‘Like some lurching wild-eyed Yeti letting rip one last agonizing death scream while uprooting everything in its path, the former behemoth known as the American Empire now looks as if it's down for the count and flat-lining fast.’