Meaning of lethal injection in English:

lethal injection


  • An injection administered for the purposes of euthanasia or as a means of capital punishment.

    ‘he gave the patient a lethal injection’
    • ‘he was executed by lethal injection’
    • ‘I'll be more than happy to administer the lethal injection.’
    • ‘Every story has a moral: exercise a combination of tact and speed when administering the lethal injection.’
    • ‘Finally, how can anyone administer the lethal injection or switch on the electric chair or whatever?’
    • ‘In the Netherlands, courts have begun to permit the administration of lethal injections to terminally ill patients.’
    • ‘Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?’
    • ‘Capital punishment by lethal injection was restored during the Ramos administration.’
    • ‘Opinion was running hot and heavy, and gibbets, nooses, electric chairs and lethal injections were topics featuring prominently.’
    • ‘To say that not being of sound mind makes the process of execution cruel means that the sedatives that are used prior to lethal injections are potentially unconstitutional.’
    • ‘They stress that ‘appropriately qualified and trained personnel’ will conduct the lethal injections.’
    • ‘It's about a guy who gives lethal injections to prisoners on death row.’
    • ‘For one thing, the UK doesn't much approve of lethal injections.’
    • ‘Initially, lethal injections of drugs such as morphine were used, but soon all morphine was needed at the front.’
    • ‘They may demand hangings, lethal injections or public stonings.’
    • ‘By introducing lethal injections, he had hoped to at least make executions more humane.’
    • ‘The cruel method of hanging a condemned man should be replaced by more humane methods such as lethal injections.’
    • ‘I don't say hanging should be brought back, but I agree with lethal injections.’
    • ‘The state's apparent enthusiasm for lethal injections has won both applause and criticism.’
    • ‘Tell me, have you ever given a lethal injection?’
    • ‘I could not take the dog for its last trip in the car, so Murray came to our house, gave the dog a lethal injection, and that was that.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it isn't meant to be used when dealing with a lethal injection of that kind.’