Meaning of lethality in English:


Pronunciation /liːˈθalɪti/


mass noun
  • The capacity to cause death or serious harm or damage.

    ‘embryonic lethality observed in mice with a mutation’
    • ‘the increasing lethality of modern weapons’
    • ‘These mutations cause larval lethality resulting from failed gut function and consequent starvation.’
    • ‘Additional genes important for eye development may remain unidentified because they cause early lethality when mutated.’
    • ‘This lethality is suppressed by mutation in any one of the recombination repair genes RAD51, RAD52, RAD55, or RAD57.’
    • ‘The dosage suppressors could rescue ram lethality by several possible mechanisms.’
    • ‘The known toxicity and lethality of CO poisoning from tissue hypoxia are well known when humans are accidentally exposed to high levels of CO.’
    • ‘They tend to misperceive and underestimate the lethality of their suicidal behaviors.’
    • ‘Radiation-induced lymphoid tumors and radiation lethality are inhibited by combined treatment with small doses of zinc aspartate and WR 2721.’
    • ‘Since 1775, weapons have become more lethal, and with increased lethality has come an increase in both the number of casualties and the severity of wounds.’
    • ‘Lethality is observed only when both the maternal and the zygotic contributions are completely removed.’
    • ‘In hypersensitive mutants the mutation synthetically enhances toxin lethality and can be functionally informative.’
    • ‘Biological weapons combine maximum lethality with ease of availability.’
    • ‘If depression induces heart disease and magnifies the lethality of existing cardiac conditions, does treatment of depression curb heart disease?’
    • ‘We show that the male lethality associated with bon alleles is not due to defects in dosage compensation or sex determination pathways, but rather to the presence of the Y chromosome.’
    • ‘Historically, the application of technology to weaponry has allowed combatants to fight at ever-increasing ranges and with greater lethality.’
    • ‘This means that a 10°C change would affect lethality by a factor of 2.’
    • ‘The lethality, hardiness, and ease of production of the anthrax bacteria have made it a mainstay of known BW programs.’
    • ‘I walked them through a typical lethality assessment and suggested questions for them to ask.’