Meaning of lethally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈliːθ(ə)li/


  • 1With death as a result.

    ‘they were lethally injected with a cocktail of poisons’
    • ‘Lethally irradiated mice were grafted with the bone marrow cells.’
    • ‘They encircle their village with a stockade and a confusing maze of approaches, most of them lethally booby-trapped.’
    • ‘Demands to correct deer "imbalances" - often lethally - continue to generate debate.’
    • ‘The migraine had lethally combined with a weakness in the arteries supplying blood to her brain.’
    • ‘Some areas here are lethally dangerous for armed soldiers in armored vehicles.’
    • ‘Street demonstrations were lethally dispersed by troops shooting down from the rooftops.’
    • ‘One third of all lethally toxic mercury emissions are caused by this.’
    • ‘European armies were equipped with infantry rifles sighted up to 1,000 yards and lethally accurate at half that range.’
    • ‘Stretches of track had been deemed lethally unsafe by engineers.’
    • ‘Our planet is slowly, lethally warming.’
    • ‘His brother Nennius was lethally wounded and lay dying.’
    • ‘Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a flu-like disease that grows lethally strong as it matures.’
    • ‘The terrorists are lethally flexible and inventive.’
    • ‘This is a disease that affects all organs of the body, but affects the liver and brain most lethally.’
    • ‘She knew that the parasites were neither lethally poisonous nor big enough to do any real damage.’
    • ‘The drug is lethally addictive.’
    1. 1.1In a very harmful or destructive way.
      ‘his premiership will be lethally undermined’
      • ‘lethally misplaced priorities’
      • ‘a lethally intoxicating brew’
      • ‘This media silence is having a lethally distorting effect on public opinion.’
      • ‘The arguments offered were lethally flawed.’
      • ‘This lethally funny satire is one of the best American comedies I've seen in years.’
      • ‘It looks easy on paper, but the learning curve is lethally steep in practice.’
      • ‘The company had the most wonderful technology coupled with lethally inept management.’
      • ‘"I'll win this, Bethany," he said quietly, lethally.’
      • ‘Senior ministers were angry with him but not lethally so.’
      • ‘His performance is lethally fast and precise.’
      • ‘His recent speech denounced journalism's "lethally damaging" practices.’
      • ‘The situation had spiraled lethally out of control.’
      • ‘He was lethally attractive, according to one ex-lover.’
      • ‘The jerk sausage is inherently - lethally - hot.’
      • ‘She looked up to him, and glared lethally at the violinist.’