Meaning of letter-for-letter in English:


Pronunciation /lɛtəfəˈlɛtə/


  • Representing the exact form of an original text; exactly copied.

    ‘a letter-for-letter transliteration of the Greek’
    • ‘Finally, the narrative switches over to following the book letter-for-letter, and we get a strikingly faithful re-creation of the cartoon.’
    • ‘The universal genetic code allows us to make letter-for-letter textual comparisons across plants, snails and bacteria, as well as vertebrates.’
    • ‘The most scrupulous care was taken to copy the Torah, letter for letter.’
    • ‘On Friday, September 1, 2000, I began retyping the day's New York Times, word for word, letter for letter, from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner, page by page.’
    • ‘Since the data is matched letter for letter, it must appear in exactly the same form every time it is entered, or else it will be missed in a cross-check.’
    word-for-word, verbatim, line-for-line, letter-for-letter