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level crossing


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  • A place where a railway and a road, or two railway lines, cross at the same level.

    North American term grade crossing

    ‘Heavy congestion is often experienced in Station Road, Cross Hills, and at the Kildwick level crossing on the Airedale railway line.’
    • ‘Whilst I note your doubts of achieving a relief road for the level crossing, you will hopefully agree that the Craven Area Committee members have been very supportive of resolving this issue.’
    • ‘The railway level crossing at Cononley has barriers and traffic lights.’
    • ‘More frequent train services could affect traffic on the State highway because there are 83 railway level crossings along the way.’
    • ‘Reports of a youth on the line at a level crossing yesterday sparked an alert on the railways.’
    • ‘Firstly, the week began with the aftermath of the train crash, where seven people died, and a debate has ensued into how safe the railways, in particular level crossings, are.’
    • ‘A motorist has been fined £250 after admitting building his own level crossing over railway tracks and causing a train crash.’
    • ‘It is not clear how the accident happened but there were no gates at the level crossing, the railway operator said.’
    • ‘Police have had to set up new roadblocks after a busy railway level crossing was damaged by traffic ignoring road closures.’
    • ‘The background voice explains how the ‘mishap’ could have been averted, followed by demonstration of standard safety procedures laid down by the railways at level crossings.’
    • ‘The Safe Transport Action Group was formed after the death of two wheelchair users at pedestrian railway level crossings.’
    • ‘Police say the man was heading south in a Toyota landcruiser at Wiangaree, when he lost control near the railway level crossing.’
    • ‘Residents have called for the Junction Road level crossing to be replaced by a bridge or tunnel as part of a new-look town centre.’
    • ‘The large number of level crossings presented considerable hazards to pedestrians and road users.’
    • ‘Motorists jump red lights and get stuck on level crossings.’
    • ‘The railway safety programme will get €142m to continue upgrading lines, signalling, level crossings and other installations.’
    • ‘Mr Irwin said that calls to replace unmanned level crossings with bridges and underpasses was unreasonable and unrealistic.’
    • ‘The van driver tried to cross the level crossing ahead of the train, according to an eyewitness.’
    • ‘Because of this, you need to be very careful around railway level crossings to avoid a very serious crash.’
    • ‘Road vehicles misusing level crossings are the single biggest risk to the railway of a major train crash’
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