Meaning of level of attainment in English:

level of attainment


  • A rating of the ability of a school pupil, on a scale of 1 to 10.

    ‘The report notes that not enough time is allocated in the curriculum to science, affecting pupils' levels of attainment in the subject.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Tackling truancy and bad behaviour in our schools is crucial to improving levels of attainment for all pupils, improving their life chances and improving our communities as a whole.’’
    • ‘Children join the school with below-average levels of attainment and make good progress so that standards in English, mathematics and science are above average by the time they leave.’
    • ‘The council is committed to driving up levels of attainment in York and, as part of this, to ensuring that our children have the right environment in which to learn.’
    • ‘Staff at the college, in Hulme, have worked hard to raise levels of attainment reached by students.’
    • ‘Nearly a quarter of special needs students in Bedfordshire are reaching levels of attainment considered at least average by mainstream school standards.’
    • ‘There are extremely strong links between levels of absence at a school and levels of attainment.’
    • ‘Almost all pupils were achieving appropriate national levels of attainment.’
    • ‘How do pupils’ levels of attainment compare with their standards on entry or with national standards?’
    • ‘From time to time teachers might also wish to set a test to confirm their judgment of an individual's level of attainment.’