Meaning of lexical meaning in English:

lexical meaning



  • The meaning of a word considered in isolation from the sentence containing it, and regardless of its grammatical context, e.g. of love in or as represented by loves, loved, loving, etc.

    ‘Tone is significant, distinguishing grammatical as well as lexical meaning: for example, a customary low tone for auxiliaries becomes high for purposes of emphasis.’
    • ‘Both these interpretations are linguistic anachronisms, and we have to be satisfied with acknowledging that we know neither the lexical meaning of the island name nor the language which coined it.’
    • ‘One lexical meaning of dignity is intrinsic worth.’
    • ‘Words in Arabic are composed of the root, usually made up of three consonants which establish the word's basic lexical meaning, and the pattern, which adds the vowels that give the word its grammatical sense.’