Meaning of lexically in English:



See lexical

‘I get the feeling that Harry must be lexically challenged, because ‘insulting’ cannot have been the word he was looking for.’
  • ‘The script itself could almost read as a short story, and lexically, Walsh hasn't shied an inch.’
  • ‘Morphologically and lexically Louisiana Creole resembles Saint-Domingue Creole, although there is evidence that Louisiana Creole was well established by the time Saint-Domingue refugees arrived in Louisiana.’
  • ‘These lexically minimalist dialogues are fables, of course - tales conveying either the poverty of the expressive resources of the young, or (more positively) their creativity in using language in context.’
  • ‘These visions' negativity generates an ambiguity of feeling tautly held within the subjunctive, the poem's single deviation from the lexically identical form of the grammatical indicative present and immediate future.’