Meaning of lexicographically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlɛksikəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/


See lexicography

‘It's curious that such a common usage is lexicographically ignored - I wonder if sports terms in general are similarly underdictionaried, and if so, why?’
  • ‘Up there in Nunavut, it's either feast or famine, lexicographically speaking.’
  • ‘The matches are found by sorting the substrings lexicographically via a hashing scheme and by then scanning these arrays for k-length matches.’
  • ‘Finally, in light of these thoughts I will offer some tentative suggestions for how to handle middle-only verbs lexicographically.’
  • ‘It's pretty safe to say that even lexicographically advanced parents aren't likely to know all the words in the book.’