Meaning of lezzo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɛzəʊ/

nounplural noun lezzos, plural noun lesos

(also leso)
offensive Australian
  • A lesbian.

    • ‘The same sort of idiots will undoubtedly write back and call me something outdated like a 'lezzo'—like it's even an insult anyway—but bring it on.’
    • ‘These days infant school girls call each other 'leso'.’
    • ‘You idiots, she's not a leso.’
    • ‘Now in sexy middle age, they're so close that some people wonder if they're "lezzos".’
    • ‘A co-worker of Lil's pursues her but is misled into thinking she and Roz are "lezzos" and ultimately gives up his wooing.’
    • ‘Colin had a bit too much to drink and asked whether she was a lezzo.’


1940s abbreviation of lesbian.