Meaning of liberally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪb(ə)rəli/

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  • 1In large or generous amounts.

    ‘she quotes liberally from the Bible’
    • ‘steaks liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper’
    • ‘large firms contributed liberally to the relief fund’
    • ‘For tired and dry hands liberally apply the Nourishing Hand Cream.’
    • ‘Liberally coat the vegetables with tempura batter and place in the fryer until golden brown.’
    • ‘Liberally laced with pictures spanning the years, the book is a fascinating read.’
    • ‘All scholarships and grants are based on financial need and liberally available.’
    • ‘They drew liberally upon the riches of rhythm & blues and gospel music.’
    • ‘He studied his competitors and borrowed liberally.’
    • ‘She restored and liberally endowed the Hospital of St. John, Smithfield.’
    • ‘He was a modern-day Robin Hood, who gave liberally to the poor and the downtrodden.’
    • ‘Audience members applaud liberally, even before the last note has died away.’
    • ‘Eau de Parfum is a less concentrated version of perfume that can be used more liberally.’
    • ‘Part of the problem is that people do not apply sunscreen liberally enough to get the level of protection necessary.’
    • ‘The band's aesthetic sense pulls liberally from all corners of American music - folk and blues songs, free jazz, tape experiments, and modern improvisational techniques.’
    • ‘She handed him the glass and he sipped liberally at it.’
    • ‘Those who inform against him or arrest him will be liberally rewarded.’
    • ‘Spices can be used subtly or liberally.’
    • ‘The content is liberally illustrated by photography specially taken for the magazine.’
  • 2In a way that is not precise or strictly literal; loosely.

    ‘the law is interpreted liberally’
    • ‘the obligations of treaties should be liberally construed’
    • ‘The legislation must be interpreted liberally so as to achieve its objectives.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of the plot - and I use the term plot liberally - is his trying to lure her away from her addiction.’
    • ‘He had liberally edited Gaelic poems and inserted passages of his own.’
    • ‘The director uses location and conversation to liberally cut between past and present.’
    • ‘The themed clip-shows, liberally billed as "featurettes," are fun and well done, but they don't stand alone as extras.’
    • ‘The film was liberally adapted from a French novel.’
    • ‘Both of these companies have been somewhat liberally classified as petroleum-related.’
    • ‘The word “superfood” is being used more liberally these days but kale truly is super.’
    • ‘Are we devaluing the currency in applying this term too liberally?’
    • ‘The label gets thrown around a bit too liberally when it comes to competition between companies.’
    • ‘Iconoclastic is a word thrown around too liberally, but it is the best term to describe his work.’
    • ‘Forgive me for liberally paraphrasing by memory here...’
    • ‘The provisions of this code shall be liberally construed, and shall not be limited by any rule of strict construction.’
    • ‘Such a refusal would clearly not have been justified under the guidelines, no matter how liberally they are construed.’
    • ‘Applying the word liberally or haphazardly, without regard to its historical significance, is an act of carelessness.’
  • 3In a way that involves broadening a person's general knowledge and experience.

    ‘liberally educated students’
    • ‘Liberally educated graduates bring excellent skills to research, information aggregation, and data presentation.’
    • ‘Why would reasonable, liberally educated men and women give serious consideration to this law?’
    • ‘The book offers a useful collection of lessons in liberally taught English.’
    • ‘She considers these subjects foundational to a well-rounded, liberally taught child.’
    • ‘The most successful mixed marriages are those between educated individuals who have been brought up liberally and with religious tolerance.’
    • ‘Liberally brought-up, the daughters are all of independent mind.’
    • ‘He was educated liberally from a young age, and raised to speak French, German, and English.’
    • ‘She was a literate, highly cultivated, liberally educated woman.’
    • ‘What does it mean to be liberally educated in the 21st century?’
    • ‘He made some unique contributions to his age’s understanding of those arts and sciences that should be studied by all liberally educated individuals.’
    • ‘The path that the college chose was to reinforce its commitment to the liberal arts in producing well-educated, liberally trained students who could then be the leaders in society in the future.’
  • 4In a way that favours individual liberty and moderate political and social reform.

    ‘I used to think more liberally’
    • ‘This law could potentially be interpreted liberally or conservatively.’
    • ‘The center-right is looking for voices who are experienced journalists, who aren't liberally biased.’
    • ‘Their introduction often met fierce resistance by civil libertarians and liberally minded lawyers.’
    • ‘I consider myself to be a fairly liberally minded person and a supporter of the right to freedom of speech and choice.’
    • ‘They are more educated, more successful, better off financially, and more liberally oriented than their parents.’
    • ‘His views typify the average opinions of liberally conservative circles.’
    • ‘Much of the liberally inclined intelligentsia welcomed the October coup.’
    • ‘Once we have these moral virtues, we disposed to act in accordance with them - to act temperately, liberally, courageously, justly.’
    • ‘He makes the hero, who questions the sanity of citizens who allow their taxes to be spent on bombs, liberally persuasive.’
    • ‘For the liberally-inclined, he peppers his chapters with many thinly veiled political comments about our energy policy.’
    • ‘She had always ruled her kingdom wisely and liberally.’