Meaning of librarian in English:


Pronunciation /lʌɪˈbrɛːrɪən/

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  • A person in charge of or assisting in a library.

    ‘They also deleted it from the online edition of the journal and asked librarians to physically remove the pages the article was printed on.’
    • ‘The finals were held at the Johannesburg Public Library, attended by teachers and librarians.’
    • ‘Before he became a writer he studied at Uppsala University and worked as a librarian and journalist.’
    • ‘With my keen observation skills, I have noticed that a lot of librarians and library workers like to knit.’
    • ‘Under the pitched roof, the librarians have their comfortable office.’
    • ‘Clearly this is an impracticality not only for patrons, but for librarians as well.’
    • ‘Professional librarians have told me that these venues are not in the right position.’
    • ‘Young bookworms presented their favourite librarian with farewell cards and a song to mark her retirement.’
    • ‘Yes, becoming a professional librarian was all part of my master plan for world domination.’
    • ‘In the library that has no computers the librarian is a lot friendlier and knows me and my family well.’
    • ‘The four volunteer coders comprised three family doctors at the University of Iowa and a medical librarian.’
    • ‘She described a library technician as occupying a place between a librarian and a clerk.’
    • ‘I have a great love for books and a high regard for teachers and librarians.’
    • ‘Many librarians reported a sense of being useful in a time of crisis, or of helping others in a time of very real need.’
    • ‘Now that it has become a hallmark of the profession, librarians must stand fast.’
    • ‘This month I look at books to help librarians in the technical aspects of their jobs.’
    • ‘Medical librarians concerned they could be out of a job as electronic publishing comes of age may be worrying needlessly.’
    • ‘Muriel had first thought of being a librarian, then later attended art school before trying her hand at acting.’
    • ‘Being a librarian, as the commission found, is not as simple as outsiders might think.’


Late 17th century (denoting a scribe or copyist): from Latin librarius ‘relating to books’, (used as a noun) ‘bookseller, scribe’, + -an.