Meaning of lice-infested in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪsɪnˌfɛstɪd/


  • Infested with lice.

    ‘their hair was lice-infested’
    • ‘lice-infested straw beds’
    • ‘On one occasion she was transferred, without explanation, from a hideously overcrowded, lice-infested barrack to a luxurious single apartment with fresh flowers.’
    • ‘Gomez grinned at him, through his filthy lice-infested hair and the caked blood at his mouth.’
    • ‘I would try to bury myself under my single, lice-infested blanket to block out the noise.’
    • ‘Some of the guards, who had voluntarily stayed behind, were deliberately thrown into lice-infested barracks so that they would get typhus and die, but this was not told in the film.’
    • ‘They described the cells as overcrowded and lice-infested, with food limited to a small portion of cornmeal porridge and green vegetables.’
    • ‘Here were two young men, remarkably illdressed, lice-infested, walking on the shanks of their skin boots, and almost out of supplies, who had journeyed more or less alone from Repulse Bay, some 200 miles away, in the middle of winter.’
    • ‘Visiting a livestock auction in Exeter she saw seven donkeys corralled in a cramped, lice-infested pen and, horrified, resolved to help.’
    lice-infested, lice-ridden