Meaning of lice-ridden in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪsrɪd(ə)n/


  • Infested with lice.

    ‘filthy, lice-ridden cells’
    • ‘The travelers ate heartily in the straw-thatched, lice-ridden inn, too exhausted to pay any attention to the serving girls.’
    • ‘I was met only by the bleak looks of my uncle, my aunt and lice-ridden sister.’
    • ‘The uncomfortable reality of life as a soldier was more likely to be a lice-ridden existence with long, tedious hours of guard duty.’
    • ‘The horses were found emaciated and lice-ridden, standing in manure three-foot deep and unable to move.’
    • ‘His description of the lice-ridden homeless is particularly chilling.’
    • ‘We, on the other hand, rarely washed and were lice-ridden.’
    • ‘He described the camp as so lice-ridden that the clothes appeared to move on their own.’
    • ‘She comes from a comfortable middle-class background, and her first sight of lice-ridden, emaciated boys and girls from the slums is a shock.’
    • ‘Frequently, the conditions under which they must survive are deplorable and inhumane - no heat, inadequate food, insufficient beds, lice-ridden blankets, poor sanitation facilities and no exercise.’
    • ‘Two months later, lice-ridden and in rags, the Portuguese court arrived in Brazil.’
    • ‘Sara was emaciated, starving, with frostbite, lice-ridden and desperately afraid.’
    • ‘The old flophouses were stinking lice-ridden hellholes with naught but chicken wire and cardboard to segregate the occupants.’
    lice-infested, lice-ridden