Meaning of licence fee in English:

licence fee


(US license fee)
  • 1A fee paid to an organization for permission to own, use, or do something.

    ‘street traders in Coventry could have their licence fees reduced by 75 per cent’
    • ‘The Performing Rights Society for Music are a non-profit organisation which collects licence fees for public performances.’
    • ‘To celebrate the episode, the ABC network surprised gay couples who were getting married at New York's City Hall by paying their marriage licence fees.’
    • ‘The annual renewable taxi licence fee will be set at $22,000 in metropolitan zones.’
    • ‘State lawmakers recently took away $7 million the city was supposed to get from state vehicle license fees.’
    • ‘Couples are encouraged to fill out the application online and bring the confirmation page to the clerk's office, along with a $90 license fee.’
    1. 1.1(in the UK) an annual fee, used to finance the BBC, which is payable by each household in which television programmes are watched.
      ‘MPs are considering scrapping the licence fee and replacing it with a subscription system’
      • ‘The call to arms comes as it's claimed the channel can't survive with just the licence fee as funding.’
      • ‘The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC and is tasked with ensuring it provides value for money to licence fee payers.’
      • ‘The BBC is too big and should lose some of its licence fee, the Corporation's former head of TV news has warned.’
      • ‘Former top BBC executives delivered a damning verdict on licence fees.’
      • ‘The BBC has been advised to increase the licence fee in line with inflation.’