Meaning of licensed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪs(ə)nst/

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(also licenced)
  • 1Having an official licence.

    ‘a licensed taxi operator’
    • ‘What happened, your Honours, is that timber from approximately three-quarters of the leasehold itself was logged by licensed timber operators.’
    • ‘A wave of consolidation in China's domestic handset industry will reduce the number of mainland makers from the current 37 officially licensed vendors, he said.’
    • ‘Yes, but what I am emphasising at the moment is the purpose for which he had the right to occupy the subleased area and the licensed right to use shared facilities subject to that reasonable permission.’
    • ‘There may also be a cap on foreign banks, in terms of absolute numbers, or in terms of a maximum percentage of assets held by all licensed banks in the jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Most of these taxi operators are unlicensed and licensed operators have requested that the council and the Tourism Authority of Thailand rectify the situation as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘If affordable, car owners should have their own officially licensed emission test devices to ensure against possible police accusations of unsatisfactory results.’
    • ‘But officially licensed guides are the best way to go.’
    • ‘Officials say the newly licensed producers are aiming for a different market - the poorer rural residents and, eventually, overseas consumers.’
    • ‘We did not have officially licensed merchandise in those days.’
    • ‘The designs will be used on Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks tickets and officially licensed merchandise.’
    • ‘This means that it is an officially licensed game based on the books.’
    • ‘All commercial space will be given to recognised and licensed operators after a bid or a competition of market prices.’
    • ‘It is therefore a form of interrogational torture; it is the officially licensed form.’
    • ‘Even though an attorney wrote the answers presented here, the information must not be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining specific legal advice from a licensed attorney.’
    • ‘He is a licensed trustee in bankruptcy and is engaged in a number of files as trustee and court appointed receiver.’
    • ‘Tasmania at the moment, is going to be the quickest to get to something close to a total indoor smoke ban in licensed venues, pubs, clubs, gaming areas.’
    • ‘Now the situation across Down District has got so bad that licensed taxi drivers say that they are being forced out of business.’
    • ‘He had gambled away his licensed taxi as a result of his increasing debt and it was time to pay the debts.’
    • ‘The Respondent is employed as a licensed mechanic and presently earns $48, 900 per annum.’
    • ‘Under the Act you have carriers, so you cannot actually provide carriage services unless you are a licensed carrier.’
    official, appointed, legal, recognized, licensed, authorized, approved, certified, warranted, empowered, deputed, endorsed, sanctioned, vouched for
    1. 1.1British (of premises) having a licence for the sale of alcohol.
      ‘a licensed restaurant’
      • ‘The company has recently countered criticism about selling alcohol cheaper than other licensed premises, thus encouraging binge drinking, by altering its pricing policy.’
      • ‘He argues that legislation is needed to force licensed premises to sell alcohol at the same prices all day long - a move that would effectively outlaw happy hours.’
      • ‘This created quite a stir in the market as it set a new record for the sale of a licensed premises.’
      • ‘And we raised that as an example of the difficulty involved with trying to monitor who consumes what amount of alcohol in a licensed premises.’
      • ‘There will be a minimum of ten overhead apartments, a restaurant, a licensed premises cum nightclub, and many other facilities.’
      • ‘The framework would address whether sales must be from licensed premises or could be from more general premises.’
      • ‘Officers dropped by restaurants, pubs and other licensed premises in areas such as Regent Circus, Fleet Street and John Street in the hope of picking up vital clues about the killer's identity.’
      • ‘A similar campaign ran in the summer, revealed a national statistic of 32 per cent of licensed premises suspected of selling alcohol to underage customers.’
      • ‘All town centre pubs were shut, while shops joined licensed premises around Ewood in closing.’
      • ‘All licensed premises, including nightclubs, restaurants and the Douglas casino now have the option to serve alcohol 24 hours a day.’
      • ‘They ask new licensed premises to adhere to conditions which outlaw happy hours and other heavy price discounts which encourage binge drinking.’
      • ‘Always ‘one of the lads’, and habitually the ringleader, he accepts now that he kept unsuitable hours and company, usually on licensed premises.’
      • ‘He added that off-licences and licensed premises in Bentham had been approached by the police and officers were satisfied that they would not knowingly sell drink to young people.’
      • ‘‘They rarely go to licensed premises - they simply disappear and are being stored and sold illegally,’ he said.’
      • ‘About 8,000 revellers were in 43 licensed premises in or around Yorkshire Street, which is the hub of Oldham's Saturday nightlife.’
      • ‘The county was ranked the ninth worst of the 36 police forces in England and Wales for the number of violent offences committed in connection with licensed premises.’
      • ‘Why should adults be ‘punished’ and ‘barred’ from licensed premises just because they have children?’
      • ‘Magistrates are demonstrating a more relaxed attitude towards granting licences and have given the nod to an extra 21 new licensed premises in recent times.’
      • ‘By the end of 2007, all enclosed public places and workplaces would follow and by the end of 2008 arrangements will be in place for licensed premises.’
      • ‘Out of a total of 722 licensed premises in the city, 629 managed to get their licence applications in before the cut-off date on Saturday.’