Meaning of licensing agreement in English:

licensing agreement


  • A formal agreement giving a person or organization permission to use or do something.

    ‘he used 30 songs in the soundtrack, each requiring a licensing agreement’
    • ‘The companies did not disclose details of the settlement or the licensing agreement.’
    • ‘He added that cloud maintenance, licensing agreements and other hidden costs can actually make cloud services less attractive in monetary terms.’
    • ‘We are pleased and proud to announce this exclusive licensing agreement in the professional audio marketplace.’
    • ‘The basic model that we use is a rolling 30 day licensing agreement where we borrow empty properties from their owners while they're empty and make them available to people who want to use them for short but ongoing periods of time.’
    • ‘If you violate the licensing agreement, you're illegally using the software, and the only way to legally obtain the software is through Apple.’