Meaning of lie ahead in English:

lie ahead

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phrasal verb

  • Be going to happen.

    ‘I'm excited by what lies ahead’
    • ‘Why has God cursed me with such a gift, to see what lies ahead in a town with such hardships and pain ahead?’
    • ‘I would add that the conference's refined dialogue and inquiry did not blunt the prickly sense of more image-trouble lying ahead.’
    • ‘‘I think there are big problems lying ahead and one day those donor countries will wake up,’ he says.’
    • ‘But even with that success there are still many challenges lying ahead.’
    • ‘At that time no-one was thinking of the unknown lying ahead.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there is no end in sight, though the roadmap suggests that something vague lies ahead.’
    • ‘Her determination, which brought her riches, will see her through what lies ahead.’
    • ‘Aslan, the great lion, is the only creature that can protect them from the terrifying danger that lies ahead.’
    • ‘Surely a new horizon lies ahead for all of us should we remain on track with our commitment towards making this dream a reality.’
    • ‘And yet for all the uncertainty regarding what lies ahead, would City supporters want it any different?’