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lie detector


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  • An instrument for determining whether a person is telling the truth by testing for physiological changes considered to be associated with lying. The results of lie-detector tests are generally not accepted for judicial purposes.

    Compare with polygraph

    ‘This, to Lily at least, sounded like a good enough answer, one that would definitely qualify under the lie-detector test as the truth.’
    • ‘While NSA officials call the lie detector test a useful tool, it is clearly not perfect.’
    • ‘Jack questions Greg at every turn, even going so far as to subject him to a lie-detector test and monitoring his every move with hidden surveillance cameras.’
    • ‘I was just wondering, can the court judge or whoever order a lie-detector test or perhaps a truth serum?’
    • ‘What's chilling is the notion of the lie-detector test writ large: if the designer classically employed empirical research to determine the characteristics of a target audience, then what happens when brain scans do this for us?’
    • ‘As a result, evidence from a lie detector test is currently considered legally unacceptable in most cases.’
    • ‘If the government thinks he's withholding information or lying, it can compel him to take a lie detector test.’
    • ‘People want him to say the truth and then take a lie detector test administered by the FBI.’
    • ‘I challenge the president and my other detractors that we all submit ourselves to a lie-detector test.’
    • ‘And last night, you said you'd be happily willing to submit to a lie detector test.’
    • ‘He took a public lie detector test to verify his account and said others involved were prepared to testify to the same effect.’
    • ‘‘The lie-detector test does not displace the foundation of criminal justice, which is that everyone has to be presumed innocent until found guilty,’ he said.’
    • ‘The company is keen to emphasise that the technology is a ‘stress detector’ not a lie detector.’
    • ‘You didn't go in and take the lie-detector test.’
    • ‘If I had my way, those politicians would have to take a lie-detector test just to get on the ballot!’
    • ‘They say she has taken a lie-detector test which proves as much.’
    • ‘She protested her innocence, passed a lie-detector test and went to Athens with her head held high.’
    • ‘The lie detector tests are therefore intended to extend the boundaries a little by putting another psychological weapon in the hands of the probationary services.’
    • ‘Little Johnny does not need to take a lie detector test.’
    • ‘I know that in some instances I would have passed a lie detector test.’