Meaning of life-expired in English:



  • (especially of locomotives or other railway equipment) worn out or outdated.

    ‘life-expired signalling’
    • ‘Assuming that the powers that be are not prepared to sort out the bridge, then a simple solution would be to ask the Ministry of Defence to ship out via the next supply ship, an outdated or life-expired Bailey Bridge.’
    • ‘Its £300,000 project involved a massive overhaul of the line, including replacing life-expired track and laying more than 500 sleepers.’
    • ‘Extensive track renewals, involving the replacement of life-expired jointed track with new ballast and continuously welded rail, will also be carried out at a number of sites along the line.’
    • ‘To begin with, the old bridge was life-expired and past saving (I have seen a summary of the engineer's report), so there were two options - either build a new bridge, or shut Newport Street completely.’
    • ‘We can only keep tarting them up so many times before they become life-expired and we need a new train.’