Meaning of life-sustaining in English:



  • Serving to continue or support life.

    ‘a measure giving courts a greater chance to review decisions to end life-sustaining care’
    • ‘Matthew, a 2-year-old Antioch boy who had waited 15 months for a life-sustaining kidney and liver transplant, had his new organs.’
    • ‘The similarity between the rocks that trapped it and those on Mars raises the hope that comparable life-sustaining water could lie buried beneath the red planet's surface.’
    • ‘We truly appreciate his selecting us as beneficiaries of this life-sustaining gift to our children.’
    • ‘In a 'living will' prepared in 2004, he had stated that he wanted to receive no life-sustaining medical treatment in such circumstances.’
    • ‘A protein-laden breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausages provides you with many more life-sustaining nutrients than a typical breakfast cereal or a couple of slices of toast.’
    • ‘Sometimes described as our 'life-sustaining hormone', cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands and is responsible for metabolism, energy levels, blood pressure and combating illness.’
    • ‘The new evidence pre-dates previous estimates of a life-sustaining oxygenation event by more than 50 million years.’
    • ‘More than 90 percent of the iron in an adult human's 25 trillion life-sustaining red blood cells is recycled from worn-out cells.’
    • ‘Such an attack could close businesses and federal agencies, disrupt hospital service and communication, potentially knock out medical devices such as insulin pumps and pacemakers, and knock offline life-sustaining, critical infrastructure, including communications, energy networks, and food and water distribution networks.’
    • ‘As temperatures rise, deserts will spread and life-sustaining weather patterns such as the North Indian monsoon could be disrupted.’