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life coach


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  • A person employed to help people attain their goals in life.

    ‘I'm going to grow myself, and push forward with my goal to set myself up as a life coach.’
    • ‘For the past six months, she has worked with a life coach to help her set new goals for the year ahead.’
    • ‘If it's clarity you need - not to mention some nudging - it might be time to hire a life coach, the kind of personal trainer who can help you set goals and snag them.’
    • ‘A 15-year-old boy with low self-esteem was packed off to live in a mansion with a life coach for a month before being returned to school.’
    • ‘Yet the life coach has joined the personal trainer, nutritionist and nail technician as an essential aid to getting through the day.’
    • ‘Then I went to a life coach to find out what I really wanted for myself - I wanted to be a personal image stylist.’
    • ‘If that's not enough, we've also got a roundup of the best books, courses, programs, and Web sites, and sage advice from a life coach who's going to urge you not to waste one more day just wishing.’
    • ‘I think, my current spelling ability notwithstanding, I'd like to do something involving teaching, and whaddya know, my online life coach agrees with me!’
    • ‘‘You need to be intuitive or you will never make a good life coach,’ said Karen.’
    • ‘Recently I heard a life coach remark he makes most of his money working with middle-aged people who are trapped in jobs they no longer enjoy.’
    • ‘Question I have had to think about this week: What is the difference between a life coach and a shrink?’
    • ‘A life coach who's earned his stripes, he is building his business with another adventure already in mind.’
    • ‘He has a life coach, the trendy, increasingly ubiquitous equivalent of a therapist confessor, who tries to guide him.’
    • ‘Well, they won't be needing a life coach to tell them how to spend their time over the next few years and we wish them every success in the future.’
    • ‘The companies are combining their efforts to organise the bash which will include a raffle, prizes and a visit from a life coach.’
    • ‘Jacqui works as a life coach for individuals and small businesses.’
    • ‘These days Meredith gives concerts throughout the United Kingdom and works as a life coach.’
    • ‘She plans to set up her own business as a life coach, having studied for a diploma in between teaching.’
    • ‘Three women were pampered and transformed - with the help of a life coach, hairstylist, makeup artist and other experts - and saw their confidence soar as a result.’
    • ‘The author's training as a life coach and motivational speaker comes across in his informal, matter-of-fact tone.’