Meaning of life insurance in English:

life insurance


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mass noun
  • Insurance that pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after a set period.

    ‘he has taken out life insurance’
    • ‘life insurance policies’
    • ‘Grown-ups with small dependents, mortgages and life insurance policies should definitely have a will.’
    • ‘Shopping around also applies to people who already have life insurance policies.’
    • ‘I now have full life insurance and critical illness insurance, based on a sum of £110,000.’
    • ‘Perhaps the best example of non-indemnity insurance is that of life insurance.’
    • ‘It can also include flight accident insurance - life insurance in case of a crash.’
    • ‘Independent guides on life insurance and general insurance will be published in the autumn.’
    • ‘If you go on holiday or want life insurance, then your insurance is based on how well you are.’
    • ‘He hastily recited his life insurance policies and employee bonus programmes.’
    • ‘Many people buy life insurance that pays out a lump sum that replaces their income if they die.’
    • ‘February and March are the two months when life insurance policy sales soar.’
    • ‘That he took out seven life insurance policies aroused suspicion from the very beginning.’
    • ‘He reviewed bank statements, life insurance policies, and retirement benefits.’
    • ‘His publications were not confined to questions relating to life insurance policies however.’
    • ‘One of the most popular ways of providing funds to pay for this liability is with a whole of life insurance policy.’
    • ‘The proceedings relate to part of the proceeds of two life insurance policies.’
    • ‘She returns the favour by naming him sole beneficiary in her life insurance policy.’
    • ‘Over more than three decades, he transformed it into one of the top life insurance companies in the US.’
    • ‘Revenue has also grown largely as a result of increased mortgage lending and also through the sale of life insurance and pensions.’
    • ‘This is basically life insurance whereby the level of cover decreases in line with the outstanding debt.’
    • ‘At some point, Young will also need to add life insurance as a part of his estate plan.’


There is a technical distinction between life insurance and life assurance: see assurance