Meaning of life is too short in English:

life is too short


  • Said to indicate that the speaker feels there are better uses of their time than the activity in question.

    ‘life is too short to read the small print on financial documents’
    • ‘life is too short for movies that are just OK’
    • ‘The illness was a reminder that life's too short, so he ended his third marriage.’
    • ‘Life is too short for brooding about the vocabularies of strangers.’
    • ‘Life's too short not to relax and enjoy yourself.’
    • ‘Life's too short to be miserable for too long.’
    • ‘I figured life was too short to diet and ate to my heart's content.’
    • ‘You don't have to pay a fortune for the bottles you drink on holiday, but life is too short to drink bad wine.’
    • ‘Life's too short to hang around with jerks.’
    • ‘I think life's too short to stay home.’
    • ‘Life's too short to waste time on doing things you already know you don't enjoy.’
    • ‘Only go to the best cafes, because life is too short for bad coffee.’