Meaning of life jacket in English:

life jacket

Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪf ˌdʒakɪt/

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  • A sleeveless buoyant or inflatable jacket for keeping a person afloat in water.

    ‘But what happens when you combine an inflatable life jacket with a comfy lightweight vest and an all-season jacket?’
    • ‘Two crew members went overboard into the 58-degree water and only one had on an inflatable life jacket.’
    • ‘When the ship began to sink, the franchisor left its charge afloat in turbulent waters, without a life jacket.’
    • ‘A pet life jacket will help your dog stay above water until rescued.’
    • ‘For example, if planners wish to find out how many powerboat operators in Oregon have taken a boating class or how many kayakers in Ohio wear a life jacket, it's in there.’
    • ‘The dog has a kennel in the officers' accommodation and a life jacket for trips in the sea boat.’
    • ‘The only thing keeping him afloat was his life jacket.’
    • ‘‘Here you go,’ he said and handed me over a neoprene suit, a pair of boots, a helmet, a life jacket and a nylon jacket.’
    • ‘When I came to I was back in the boat, shivering in my wet life jacket and coughing up water, a lump forming on my pounding head.’
    • ‘While a belt pack is not going to be the only life jacket on our boat or in our closet, we feel strongly that it fills an important niche for boaters.’
    • ‘If your dog ever took a long walk off a short dock, chances are you've thought about the advantage of having your pooch in a life jacket.’
    • ‘In 35% of the time, the person overboard was not wearing a life jacket.’
    • ‘Whether or not technology can devise a life jacket that will be so comfortable or so stylish that one won't take it off even at home, I can't hazard a guess.’
    • ‘This season I intend to wear my life jacket more often.’
    • ‘A life jacket on your pet or not, we recommend that you think ahead about the animal's safety, not to mention your own, when a pet is aboard your boat or on the dock.’
    • ‘Only one of the boys was found wearing a life jacket.’
    • ‘A belt pack can be a perfect transition into safer boating, especially for the boater who simply isn't in the habit of wearing a life jacket.’
    • ‘If he was 12 years old, and we were boating today in Illinois, he would be required to wear a life jacket while idling through a harbor.’
    • ‘So, admitting that paralysis would occur, it's still okay if you're wearing a life jacket because you would float face up?’
    • ‘In your article in the May issue, you have an anecdote about a three-year-old boy who was saved because he was wearing a life jacket.’