Meaning of life peerage in English:

life peerage


See life peer

‘In 1931 he was awarded a life peerage as Baron Rutherford of Nelson, of Cambridge.’
  • ‘Baroness Blackstone was awarded a life peerage in 1987 and was Arts Minister from 2001 to 2003 and Minister of State for Education and Employment from 1997 to 2001.’
  • ‘The conference of a life peerage is first recorded, I think, in the 14th century.’
  • ‘In 1999 he was honoured with a life peerage in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, as Lord Foster of Thames Bank.’
  • ‘You can imagine the sleepless nights the Archbishop of York will be enduring over the nasty little rumour he is to be denied a life peerage as ‘punishment’ for his outspoken criticism of the Government.’