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life raft


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  • A raft, typically inflatable, for use in an emergency at sea.

    ‘An oil slick surrounds the damaged carrier as an inflatable life raft deploys off her stern.’
    • ‘Three people were rescued from the stricken yacht's life raft by sailors from HMAS Newcastle.’
    • ‘In that precious time they tried unsuccessfully to launch the boat's inflatable life raft.’
    • ‘They assessed the damage and began readying the life raft when another huge wave washed them into the open sea.’
    • ‘His biceps were like ham hocks, and his hanging triceps no less so; his deltoids were as round as his shaved head; and his chest swelled up like an inflatable life raft.’
    • ‘A child is about to be wrapped in a blanket after being brought ashore in a life raft on the Greek island of Paros from the sinking ferry, Express Samina, in this TV image.’
    • ‘He was picked up nine miles south-east of the Isle of Man by a merchant vessel after his life raft drifted for about 20 hours from close to his home port of Kilkeel.’
    • ‘We didn't know it, but the kayaker had abandoned his kayak and boarded the life raft after our aerial delivery.’
    • ‘According to Smith, it can take up to 15 minutes for a rescue helicopter to get off the deck, so surviving a crash means you have to make it to a life raft or tread water until help arrives.’
    • ‘The body of the unknown sailor, believed to have come from the Sydney, was recovered from a life raft off Christmas Island the following February.’
    • ‘A Royal Navy helicopter from HMS Seahawk has rescued five people who had been drifting in a life raft off the coast of Britain for a week.’
    • ‘I turned around and saw the sailor pointing at the life raft.’
    • ‘Include a life raft, an emergency-position-indicator radio, and signaling equipment.’
    • ‘Too often we hear people in modern sport trying to take the pressure off themselves by lowering expectations, inflating the life raft in case things go wrong.’
    • ‘They will get off the sinking ship, and jump on the life raft.’
    • ‘We all stood there for the longest time, like passengers on a sinking ship, waiting for a life raft.’
    • ‘With 23 other survivors, he hung on to a small life raft until their rescue by a passing ship the following day.’
    • ‘A similar failure of a life raft was reported in a Mayday incident last year in the North Channel off the north Antrim coast.’
    • ‘He moved to the safety of his life raft, from which he was rescued by an all-weather lifeboat which took him back to Whitby.’
    • ‘So real is the latter danger that she and her team have invented a remote - activated system for releasing a life raft from the back of the boat, should she fall off.’