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life vest


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mainly North American
another term for life jacket
‘Luckily, my group caught up with me, and they pulled me up by the life vest.’
  • ‘It's nothing - we are having a drill - you need to put your life vest on, and go up to the main decks.’
  • ‘Wearing a life vest, Ma took a boat to inspect the pitifully parched riverbeds of the funnel-shaped dam at the reservoir, where workers were seizing the chance to remove garbage and silt, which accumulates on riverbeds.’
  • ‘Walsh was briefly trapped in the cockpit, managed to inflate his life vest, and rocketed to the surface.’
  • ‘Immediately, I was grateful that I had a life vest on.’
  • ‘The attendant put on a life vest and inflated it.’
  • ‘Always wear a life vest whenever you're near the water.’
  • ‘They had been in the water for more than four hours, struggling to stay afloat with just one life vest between them, and had not been seen despite drifting into one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.’
  • ‘A life vest, such as this one, can reduce the risk of drowning in a boating related incident by 85 percent.’
  • ‘The soldier gasped, grasped the life vest and pulled one arm into it.’
  • ‘Ask for a life vest, too, if there's any doubt of a child's swimming ability.’
  • ‘I still have the life vest which is now a part of a mini-museum in my wine cellar.’
  • ‘About two thirds were wearing a life vest but many were not using it correctly.’
  • ‘Your paddle, life vest, and kayak should appear fairly new.’
  • ‘What, exactly, has changed in the past two years to justify the Coast Guard's resubmitting to the public the proposal to require all boaters to wear life vests while aboard their boats?’
  • ‘Four of the canoes were recovered by the council's rangers but the fifth canoe and equipment, including life vests, are still missing.’
  • ‘He remained clinging to the boat's hull, wearing two life vests.’
  • ‘Outdoor recreation or the marina is also a good place to rent life vests, skis and a towrope for a reasonable price.’
  • ‘I was on vacation with my family and my father stopped at Red's to pick up life vests and a raft for the flight to Grand Bahama Islands.’
  • ‘In the river, flat here but running very fast, we lean back into our life vests and drift, although the word is far too sedate for the speed, downstream before cutting across the current - surprisingly hard - and clambering ashore.’