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Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪflɒŋ/

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  • Lasting or remaining in a particular state throughout a person's life.

    ‘the two men were to remain lifelong friends’
    • ‘I'm a lifelong vegetarian’
    • ‘Alf, as he was fondly known to family and friends, had a lifelong passion for sport.’
    • ‘As well as changing his life, the programme has also given him some lifelong friends.’
    • ‘They were lifelong friends and Beerbohm gave the address at a memorial service to Sir William.’
    • ‘Staff continue to extend their skills with an advanced course through lifelong learning.’
    • ‘If another guy shows up at the party wearing the same outfit, you might just become lifelong friends.’
    • ‘When most people go to university that's when they make their lifelong friends.’
    • ‘He was in a quandary, and a lifelong friend of his suggested that he phone me.’
    • ‘The partner who is your soulmate is no longer enough, and nor is one lifelong best friend.’
    • ‘To be sure, Asif supports Manchester United and Shafiq is a lifelong Liverpool supporter.’
    • ‘However, the new ward will be aimed at those who need long-term or even lifelong care.’
    • ‘In 1824 he taught the young Mendelssohn, of whom he became a close and lifelong friend.’
    • ‘What would it take to change from life in the fast lane to a lifelong pursuit of meditation and study?’
    • ‘Note: the fact of the matter is that all football supporters are lifelong supporters.’
    • ‘Perhaps Jessica is resilient as her friends suggest, and will suffer no lifelong scars.’
    • ‘Constanze emerges as a devoted wife, mother and lifelong promoter of Mozart.’
    • ‘Thanks to my mother, a lifelong Democrat from the swing state of Ohio, I have dual citizenship.’
    • ‘The environmentally friendly toilet needs only one ton of water for lifelong use.’
    • ‘In his autobiography, My Life, he tells of his lifelong passion for golf both as a player and a commentator.’
    • ‘Autism is a severe, lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder of social communication.’
    • ‘He has had a lifelong interest and has written about a huge variety of sport down through the years.’
    lasting, for all one's life, lifetime's, long-lasting, long-standing, long-term, long-running, persisting, prevailing, durable, constant, stable, established, steady, steadfast, secure, fast, firm, fixed, deep-rooted, enduring, continuing, abiding, remaining
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