Meaning of lifestyle drug in English:

lifestyle drug


  • A pharmaceutical product characterized as improving the quality of life rather than alleviating or curing disease.

    ‘A working definition for this paper might be that a lifestyle drug is one used for ‘non-health’ problems or for problems that lie at the margins of health and wellbeing.’
    • ‘Employing TV ads that promise the virility of a professional athlete, those companies have redefined erectile-dysfunction pills into something approaching a lifestyle drug.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of kids, according to Customs figures, hook into Ecstasy as a routine lifestyle drug, but it remains a class B drug carrying heavy penalties.’
    • ‘We interviewed consumers of a range of pharmaceuticals, including lifestyle drugs such as sildenafil and orlistat, who had used e-pharmacy to obtain pharmaceuticals and other products.’
    • ‘She is an associate professor of social pharmacy with focus on lay understanding and use of modern drugs such as lifestyle drugs and pharmacogenetics.’
    • ‘And usually they're for either lifestyle drugs or drugs that are used to treat chronic conditions ranging from hypertension to heart disease, to baldness, to erectile dysfunction.’
    • ‘This may be an acceptable risk for drugs to treat disease but is less so for lifestyle drugs.’
    • ‘And, of course, in the case of lifestyle drugs, there's a marketing factor at work that pumps up patient demand.’
    • ‘Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have even been promoted and used as lifestyle drugs.’
    • ‘Unlike antidepressants - which have been marketed to huge audiences almost as lifestyle drugs - antipsychotics are aimed at a small but growing market: schizophrenics and people with bipolar disorder.’
    • ‘Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest increase in drug spending affected not the elderly, but Baby Boomers between ages 45 and 54, who spent more on lifestyle drugs.’
    • ‘Most fake drugs found in raids were pain killers, weight-loss or lifestyle drugs, such as those that helped impotency problems.’
    • ‘So-called lifestyle drugs for baldness, erectile dysfunction or unhappiness are big business for pharmaceutical companies, but some doctors believe they are being coerced into treating a growing number of ‘non-diseases.’’
    • ‘Private healthcare spending therefore goes disproportionately toward expensive eleventh-hour measures unlikely to extend life for very long and to pricey lifestyle drugs.’
    • ‘The projects that are invested in will only be for very large markets, where it is possible to remain profitable with volume, or lifestyle drugs where there is no downward political pressure on the price.’
    • ‘These are lifestyle drugs we're talking about.’
    • ‘As the population ages, many more lifestyle drugs will focus on age-related issues.’
    • ‘The little blue pill has upped the stakes in indoor sport and whetted people's appetites for lifestyle drugs.’
    • ‘The biggest market for lifestyle drugs is for those offering the hope of youth and beauty, usually through weight loss.’
    • ‘If the game is to restrict access to lifestyle drugs, the example should be set at the top.’