Meaning of light-coloured in English:



  • Light in colour or shade.

    ‘use light-coloured nail enamel such as gold, cream, or white’
    • ‘The Institute is connected to the former Methodist Church, built in 1918, whose light-coloured stone tower is an important local landmark.’
    • ‘He wore a dark blue tracksuit top with light-coloured trousers.’
    • ‘The raider was described as being white, aged about 25, about 5ft 5in tall, with short light-coloured hair.’
    • ‘She was wearing a red shirt and light-coloured pants.’
    • ‘Approached via raised brick beds and gravel, the front door opens onto a small entrance hall floored in light-coloured parquet.’
    • ‘The apartment complexes look better because they are built in a light-coloured stone. "’
    • ‘Detectives are also keen to speak to a woman driving a light-coloured car, which was leaving the cricket club car park at about 10 pm on Thursday.’
    • ‘Also if you tend to wear light-coloured clothes, a dark cream can be a mistake, as it can rub off on your clothes.’
    • ‘The women were all in beautifully embroidered blouses, brightly coloured circle skirts, neat aprons, and kerchiefs holding their light-coloured hair back from their faces.’
    • ‘When last seen, she was wearing a brown, sequinned dress and yellow shoes and was carrying a light-coloured bag.’
    • ‘Overall, I like gentle food, light-coloured with soft fragrances and delicate flavours.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief, most dark beers don't have appreciably more calories than light-colored brews.’
    • ‘Also, women who are concerned with the size of their feet should stay away from light-colored shoes, which accentuate size.’
    • ‘Never wear dark hose with light-colored clothing or shoes.’
    • ‘Chlorinated water also can give light-colored hair an unsightly green hue.’
    • ‘Light-colored clothing is less attractive to mosquitoes than darker colors.’
    • ‘Light-colored surfaces reflect most of the heat away from your home.’
    • ‘The light-colored furniture is bright enough to offset the darkness of the walls.’
    • ‘Museums and galleries often use light-colored monochromatic walls as backdrops because they visually recede, allowing the art to dominate.’
    • ‘While light-colored lettuce is a nutritional lightweight, dark leafy greens are packed with vitamins and high in calcium and magnesium.’
    fair, light-coloured, blonde, golden, flaxen, yellow