Meaning of light-minded in English:



  • Not having a serious attitude; frivolous.

    ‘they thought him easy-going and light-minded’
    • ‘Intimate behaviour between a couple was thought of as being light-minded and would be frowned upon by the elders.’
    • ‘The Spanish Ambassador, a reclusive and secretive man, whom I suspect is light-minded beneath a grave exterior, is very embarrassed by his role.’
    • ‘We have not made any claims in a light-minded manner without serious analysis and examination of the facts.’
    • ‘A more light-minded woman than Anna Reynolds might have swooned at the romance of this troubled courtship.’
    • ‘Their attitude to politics is light-minded.’
    • ‘This light-minded and cynical attitude of the ruling elite towards its own legal norms is an international phenomenon.’
    • ‘The initial response in the media was to treat the conflict in a completely light-minded fashion.’
    • ‘Even the intervention of the US Supreme Court was treated in a cynical and light-minded fashion, rather than as a turning point in American political history.’
    • ‘His work embodied an unpleasant brand of marketable and light-minded cynicism in the 1990s.’
    • ‘Comments by the film's producer probably provide a better indication of the light-minded and superficial approach taken by many of those involved in the project.’
    giddy, silly, foolish, facetious, zany, light-hearted, merry, superficial, shallow, lacking seriousness, non-serious, light-minded, whimsical, skittish, flighty, irresponsible, thoughtless, lacking in sense, feather-brained, empty-headed, pea-brained, birdbrained, vacuous, vapid