Meaning of light bulb in English:

light bulb

Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪt bʌlb/

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  • A device used to convert electricity into light, consisting of a source of illumination (e.g. an electric filament or one or more LEDs) enclosed within a transparent or translucent shell, typically having a rounded shape and designed to be fitted into a socket in a lamp.

    ‘The British Courts stood by their patent award for the light bulb to Swan, and Edison lost the suit.’
    • ‘Although this is optional, I highly recommend it because this helps make the light bulb less fragile.’
    • ‘Incandescent and halogen light bulbs can fade colors if they are very close to the light source.’
    • ‘A U.S. Senate committee is working on a proposal that would phase out the light bulb in 10 years.’
    • ‘They have many compact fluorescent light bulbs in their home, but she's not completely sold.’
    • ‘So to replace a traditional 60-watt bulb, look for a compact fluorescent light bulb that is about 15 watts.’
    • ‘Compact fluorescent light bulbs work best if they are left on for over 15 minutes each time they are turned on.’
    • ‘Familiarize yourself with the components of a modern light bulb using the diagram below.’
    • ‘Compact fluorescent light bulbs are available at your local lighting store, many hardware and home supply stores.’
    • ‘The problem with incandescent light bulbs is that the heat wastes a lot of electricity.’
    • ‘He has to research the history of the light bulb, the layout of the building, the different kinds of bulbs, etc.’
    • ‘The platinum bulb worked, but platinum was far too expensive to use in commercial light bulbs.’
    • ‘It is also probably fair to say that Edison did produce the first commercially viable light bulb.’
    • ‘The inefficient standard light bulb could be phased out within three years to save up to 800,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘Highly efficient fluorescent light bulbs are widely touted as environmentally friendly, but they have created a recycling headache for the Environmental Protection Agency and local governments.’
    • ‘The initial cost of replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs will be offset by longer-term savings, Prime Minister John Howard said today.’
    • ‘Assembly Bill 1109 would require the state to set an energy-efficiency standard for light bulbs that Edison's nearly 130-year-old invention can't currently meet - but might in the future.’
    • ‘From spotlights to flickering flame tips, we offer incandescent light bulbs for just about every application, including wall sconces, table lamps, chandeliers, and track lighting.’
    • ‘Adjust the voltage to the light bulb using the slider and observe the electric current through the bulb as plotted on the graph at right.’
    • ‘They provide the characteristic warm glow of incandescent light bulbs, making them suitable for any application in the house.’