Meaning of light pollution in English:

light pollution



mass noun
  • Brightening of the night sky caused by street lights and other man-made sources, which has a disruptive effect on natural cycles and inhibits the observation of stars and planets.

    ‘for many astronomers light pollution has been a disaster’
    • ‘This would not eliminate light pollution but at least would set to zero its high yearly growth rate.’
    • ‘The following is a list of existing light pollution ordinances from communities in Southeast Michigan.’
    • ‘Highest levels of light pollution are indicated with red, the black indicates no light pollution detected.’
    • ‘The light pollution that results from this misuse is, however, the easiest of pollution sources to fix.’
    • ‘‘The sources of light pollution are as varied as each community or region,’ he says.’
    • ‘There are too many local planning authorities which have not taken the issue of light pollution seriously.’
    • ‘Here is the Southern California portion of the North American artificial light pollution map.’
    • ‘But some aspects of light pollution are not widely appreciated by amateur astronomers.’
    • ‘Clearly our light pollution problem is dominated by light from the local communities.’
    • ‘I live in Flagstaff, AZ and the light pollution laws here limit the amount of lumens per acre.’
    • ‘Amateur Astronomers and Wildlife Associations worldwide regard the increasing light pollution with increasing concern.’
    • ‘This makes it possible for light pollution in different areas to be compared without the confusion of altitude effects.’
    • ‘The enactment of light pollution regulations began in Arizona and California, to reduce sky glow that was impeding astronomical research in those states.’
    • ‘The group, which has grown to more than 4,000 members in 69 countries across the globe since 1988, works to combat light pollution to preserve and protect the nocturnal environment.’