Meaning of light show in English:

light show



  • A spectacle of coloured lights that move and change, especially at a pop concert.

    ‘there was a colossal stage and a stunning light show’
    • ‘The concert featured a spectacular light show, and the band's stage presence and sound was superb.’
    • ‘There are, accordingly, art exhibits, live concerts, light shows, workshops and dance events celebrating all of the Americas.’
    • ‘Berthed bow to bow in a mirror image of each other the massive white ships were illuminated by a spectacular light show as the quayside party began.’
    • ‘Add in a spectacular light show and it was a great way to end the evening.’
    • ‘The concerts still feature free-form dancers, light shows and musicians in outlandish costumes marching through the audience while chanting and singing.’
    • ‘As psychedelic light shows gave way to the era of onstage video screens and MTV, White found himself working as a television director, before teaming up with Smith.’
    • ‘In fact the whole place had been lit up like a razzle-dazzle light show as it was a ceaseless storm outside.’
    • ‘It was a bizarre light show, sort of like a laser-field lit up from the floor, only that the lasers weren't lethal.’
    • ‘There is also large-scale video projection and a moving light show to recreate the Floyd's live spectaculars.’
    • ‘They performed light shows by projecting chemical compounds, which were used as a backdrop during gigs by art rockers, Soft Machine, and at notorious counter-culture clubs like UFO.’
    • ‘The Cinedrome Nite Club will close in mid-January to be converted into an exciting, interactive slots attraction featuring water, pyrotechnic and laser light shows influenced by the level of jackpots won.’
    • ‘Laser light shows take advantage of the property of collimation to create beautiful, focused effects that remain precisely collimated more than several hundred feet into the air.’
    • ‘They include the planetarium - style ScottishPower Space Theatre, which, with a 15 metre dome and starfield projector will display astronomy films and light shows.’
    • ‘The lighting units built into the decks of the bridge can produce millions of different colors, allowing it to stage dramatic light shows and stunning reflections in the water.’
    • ‘With large bursts of color, light shows and video streaming through the background, you get the feeling that you're at a nightclub on a dance floor with every song.’
    • ‘With music, water falls and light shows to soothe fatigued minds, the hill attracts some 300 people during weekdays, day and night.’
    • ‘Laser light shows, screaming guitars, fog machines and turntablists have been added to stepdancing shoes and fiddles as the tools of the trade.’
    • ‘The fogging system creates a special effect in landscapes, amusement parks, fountains and laser light shows.’
    • ‘The Mile High city hosts one of the most extravagant holiday light shows in the Rockies.’
    • ‘Raves are party venues characterized by the presence of loud music, marathon dancing, and laser light shows.’