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light up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Become bright on account of a light being shone or switched on; become illuminated.

    ‘the sign to fasten seat belts lit up’
    • ‘The night sky would light up; there was a bright white glow every time the lightning surged through the clouds.’
    • ‘I stared blankly at the PC screen, waiting for it to light up.’
    • ‘They should wear light coloured clothes and reflective armbands and have bicycles properly lit up, front and back.’
    • ‘The horizon lights up all around you, flickering and pulsating, white, blue and green hues of light, constantly moving up and down, changing shape.’
    • ‘I've got a novelty mini-Beverly Hillbillies television set that lights up and plays the theme song when you push a button.’
    • ‘The bridge around them now lit up brightly as a globe of sunlight surrounded her.’
    • ‘This limited production L.E.D. watch lights up brighter than any other watch available.’
    • ‘Drawing power from the battery, the screen lit up brightly, illuminating everything by it.’
    • ‘Andrew immediately got to his feet to catch up with me as I entered the hall, now brightly lit up.’
    • ‘There was a long silence and inside of me a spark of hope lit up brightly.’
    • ‘In the darkening light, street lamps began to light up and windows glowed with indoor illumination.’
    • ‘The switchboard lit up for the Brighton area and people claimed that the devil had come to Earth to kill them all.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the sky lit up, and a single white lightning bolt shot down towards the general.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the forest lit up as five bolts of white lightning rained down from the sky.’
    • ‘Tyra flicked the switch on the wall by the door and suddenly the room lit up with a warm yellowish glow.’
    • ‘As we walked by, the tree suddenly lit up in a blaze of colored lights.’
    • ‘The street lamps and signs lit up suddenly as it got a little bit darker.’
    become bright, brighten, become brighter, lighten, flash, shine, gleam, flare, blaze, glint, sparkle, flicker, shimmer, glisten, scintillate, glare, beam
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    1. 1.1light something up, light up somethingMake something visible or bright by means of light; illuminate.
      • ‘lightning suddenly lit up the house’
  • 2(of a person's face or eyes) suddenly become animated with liveliness or joy.

    ‘his eyes lit up and he smiled’
    • ‘Audrey watched the exchange expectantly, a bright smile suddenly lighting up her entire face.’
    • ‘She grinned suddenly, her face lighting up, her eyes turning to tawny amber-green.’
    • ‘As for the race itself, Diane breaks into a beaming smile and her eyes light up as she recalls that sunny day at York Racecourse last May.’
    • ‘Then, abruptly, the lines in his forehead disappeared and his eyes lit up with delight.’
    • ‘His eyes lit up, and he excitedly told me that in all his years of studying hypnotherapy, he'd never considered that.’
    • ‘They smiled brightly at the older boy, their eyes lighting up with excitement.’
    • ‘Her face lights up with a smile as she takes the baby in her arms.’
    • ‘Todd's face lit up in a full grin as he leaned over and pulled Rachel into a tight hug.’
    • ‘Three-year-old Evelyn North's eyes lit up at a bag of crisps, but she seemed distinctly disappointed with its contents.’
    • ‘The event brought obvious delight to the children as their faces lit up upon recognizing an inmate from previous meetings.’
    • ‘As Ron Whitelaw stood on top of 2,000 ft Grisedale Pike, a smile of satisfaction lit up his face.’
    • ‘Danny's eyes briefly welled-up and a smile again lit up his face.’
    • ‘Her family will always remember the big smile, which lit up her face.’
    • ‘My eyes lit up, this is really my life when it is working at its finest.’
    • ‘She turned her chair away from me and her face lit up.’
    • ‘It was the only time in his whole life an adult had ventured affection and a smile lit the usually wary, suspicious face.’
    • ‘Her eyes light up and her face brightens as she recalls the events which have shaped a region.’
    • ‘Her green eyes lit up, brightening her pretty face.’
    • ‘Mikey's eyes traveled over to the small car, instantly lighting up at the sight.’
    • ‘His ragged tanned face lights up with laughter, remembering old ways and old mates, all long since passed, but still there to be savoured in his memory.’
    1. 2.1light something up, light up somethingCause a person's face or eyes to become animated with liveliness or joy.
      • ‘a smile of delight lit up her face’
  • 3

    (also light something up, light up something)
    Ignite a cigarette, cigar, or pipe and begin to smoke it.

    ‘workers who light up in prohibited areas face dismissal’
    • ‘she shrugged and lit up another cigarette’
    • ‘The driver reached behind his seat and pulled out his magazine, lit up a cigarette, and began to read.’
    • ‘All he could remember was lighting up a cigarette while driving and then hearing a loud explosion.’
    • ‘He joined his neighbors who were having a conversation while smoking, then he lit up a cigarette.’
    • ‘The incident occurred when Mr Wells was trying to light up a cigarette and three police officers approached him asking for some identification.’
    • ‘"That is not right," he said as he lit up a cigar.’
    • ‘She drinks coffee and lights up a cigar.’
    • ‘The plane was forced to make an emergency landing when one of its passengers lit up a joint mid-flight.’
    • ‘He is rolled out in a wheelchair and lights up a cigarette.’
    • ‘What would have happened if I had not noticed and lit up a cigarette when I came in?’
    • ‘The amount of nicotine in these types of infusions is likely much higher than what you'd get from lighting up a cigarette.’
  • 4light someone up, light up someoneUS informal (especially in sport) defeat an opponent utterly.

    • ‘the Tigers were lit up by the Giants in Game 1’
    • ‘The Spartans' defense got lit up by Ohio State's rushing attack.’
    • ‘While the defense got lit up, the offense went stagnant.’
    • ‘The last time they faced a real quarterback, they got lit up and lost.’
    • ‘He has faced the Texans four times in his career, and he's lit them up every time.’
    • ‘We've seen that once already when he got lit up by the Braves.’
    • ‘He made one start for the Rangers last season on April 4, and got lit up pretty well.’
    • ‘They are fading fast and just got lit up at home.’
    • ‘They got lit up in the second half by the Chiefs.’
    • ‘The Saints got lit up by the Buccaneers in a 48-40 loss.’
    • ‘The Maples had not allowed more than 17 points in a game until the Knights lit them up for 41.’